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Patent AttorneysIchiro OZAWA

Mr. Ozawa received his B. S. in metallurgical engineering (1993) from Tokyo Institute of Technology and his M. S. in energy science (1995) from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

He studied “structural analysis of Ga2Se3 compound semiconductors” through his bachelor’s and studied “defects in CZ-type single crystal silicon using transmission electron microscopy” through his master’s course.

He worked as an engineer in R & D department of CANON from 1995 to 1999, where he was in charge of new process development for full-color copiers. He worked on experiments and simulations of the development process, including evaluation of materials such as spherical polymerized toner and magnetic carriers.

Prior to joining INTERBRAIN in 2022, he worked for patent firms from 2001 to 2022 (during this period, he also run a patent firm) where he has been engaged in a wide range of practice including domestic and foreign applications (patents and utility models), oppositions, appeals, expert opinions, consultations, etc. He has also engaged in numerous patent applications for universities and venture companies.



Qualified as Patent Attorney (Registration No. 12218)

Technical fields

・Machinery/structures in general, optics
Automobiles, robots, semiconductor devices, copiers, printers, vehicle lights, water treatment equipment, motors, plants, paper mesh for nonwoven fabrics, medical equipment, lighting, sign poles, agricultural equipment, housing equipment (blinds, kitchen, bathroom, toilet equipment, etc.), home appliances, various actuators, various sensors, measuring equipment, etc.

・Materials in general (especially metals and inorganic materials), physics/chemistry in general
Solar cells, fuel cells, toners, LEDs, functional materials in general (phosphors, catalysts, semiconductor materials, biodegradable plastics, dyes, pigments, etc.), adhesive tapes, oil seals, etc.