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  • Patent prosecution

    Patent prosecution

    We provide all services in the prosecution and protection of patents, including domestic and foreign applications for patent, responses to requests and office actions from the JPO (examination and trial procedures), interviews with JPO examiners, litigation rescinding appeal trial decisions, etc. Some cases might be of high importance for a client and need thorough and in-depth specification, and other cases might be for enhancing patent portfolios with less costs. We flexibly respond to a variety of such needs.

  • Legal and technical opinions

    Legal and technical opinions

    We provide opinions on infringement, validity of rights, and other related issues. Examples of the opinions include determination and proposal on whether a patent to be enforced is at a risk of being invalidated, whether our client’s patents properly cover competitors’ products, whether a competitor’s patent can be invalidated, whether our client’s product infringes a competitor’s patent, and whether there are any defensive or avoidance measures.We have experience of providing opinions on approximately 200 cases.

  • Litigation


    We propose solutions to invalidation trials, patent opposition procedures, infringement litigation, and negotiation in cooperation with an affiliated legal attorney.

  • Consulting


    Please feel free to consult us on any IP issue including application strategies and actions against competitors. We conduct intensive hearings and interviews to study the background of each case and provide possible options and advantages/disadvantages of each option. You can determine on how to proceed in view of the options, or we can also propose what we believe is the best where necessary.