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Patent AttorneysMitsuaki TAKEUCHI

Mr. Takeuchi received his B. S. in metallurgical engineering (1987) from Yokohama National University.

He worked as a software engineer in R & D department of RICOH from 1987 to 1998, where he engaged in development of databases and applications relating to electronic files (using Assembler, C, and other languages). He was also a leader of patent prosecution/development team, provided guidance on software design, engaged in risk management of large-scale software development, and a project for acquisition of the ISO 9001 certification.

Prior to joining INTERBRAIN in 2018, he worked for patent firms from 1998 to 2017 (during this period, he also run a patent firm from 2004 to 2012) where he handled patent prosecutions, appeals, etc., mainly in software cases in Japan and foreign countries. He also had experience as Intellectual Property Manager in Yokohama National University.



Qualified as Patent Attorney in 1998 (Registration No. 11180)


Registered as Quality Management System (ISO 9000) Auditor in 2004

Technical fields

Telecommunications, artificial intelligence (evolutionary computation, language processing, etc.), cloud computing, IoT, virtualization, security, image processing, audio processing, software analysis, systems, middleware, applications, electronic circuits, semiconductors