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PartnerTakuya MATSUO

Mr. Matsuo received his B. Eng. (1992) and M. Eng. (1994) in Mechanical Engineering from Nagoya University, where he researched plastic production processes.

Mr. Matsuo worked as a mechanical engineer in TOSHIBA Corporation from 1994 to 1996, where he designed electric motors for bullet trains, etc. He also engaged in experiments, vibration analysis, thermos-fluid analysis, etc. relating to rotating equipment.

He worked for patent firms from 1996 to 2014 where he had extensive practical experience in protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights, dispute resolution, as well as prosecutions (patent, utility model, design, and trademark), appeals, litigation rescinding appeal trial decisions, expert opinions, consultation, contracts, and infringement litigation.

He founded Hachioji International Patent Office in 2014, which is a predecessor firm of INTERBRAIN, and became one of the founding partners of INTERBRAIN in 2015.



Qualified as IP infringement litigator


Qualified as Patent Attorney (Registration No. 12053)

Technical fields

• Machine manufacturing/architecture
vehicle structures, heat exchangers, control valves, actuators, medical instrument, fixtures, rail infrastructure, sensors, lighting equipment, bookbinding machines, machine tools, furniture, musical instrument, micro motors, measuring devices, semiconductor manufacture, etc.

• Control systems
vehicle controls systems, air conditioners, railway control, heavy machinery control, etc.

• Software
software for vehicles, pachinko presentation, image processing, measurement, random number control, etc.

• Business models
seat reservation, advertisement delivery, etc.

• Electronic circuits
signal processing circuits, etc.

• Others
chemicals, materials