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  • Partnership

    INTERBRAIN is run in the form of a patent professional corporation with clearer financial and management decisions and more stable and sustainable management than a firm run by a sole proprietor.

  • Experience as R&D engineers

    Our field experience of struggling with novel ideas and creating products underlies our intellectual property services.

  • Wide range of legal services

    We cooperate with a patent lawyer to provide seamless support from obtainment of protection for intellectual property to prosecution and litigation. Our attorneys have plenty of know-how in patent validity and infringement opinions. We are also well-experienced in handling foreign applications.

  • Technologies in various fields

    We have a great deal of experience in electrical and electronic engineering, software, communication, machinery, and business methods. We are particularly specialized in machine architectures, games, and ICTs.

  • IT infrastructure

    Emphasis is placed on building IT infrastructure to minimize human errors, reduce routine work, and improve information security.

  • Service standardization

    For standardization of our services, we keep updating our explicit knowledge converted from tacit knowledge such as practical policies and know-how. This, in combination with OJT (transfer of tacit knowledge), allows a newly-arrived attorney to reach a certain level of quality.

  • Participation at early stage

    Our extensive experience in bringing simple ideas or brainstorming subjects into patent applications allows us to assist our clients from an early stage where no idea is formed, where only an idea has emerged, or where an idea is still unclear.