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A patent is primarily a property right rather than a reward to an inventor. As a “property” is “something of value,” a patent specification should impress the value of an invention. On top of writing a concise and readable patent specification, it is important to get across the significance of the invention, that is, where and how it can be used, why it is useful, and what is characteristic of it.

A patent attorney, being a communicator of value, should not only understand an invention itself correctly but also imagine how to enhance the client’s business with the invention. For drafting a patent specification with a strategic intent, we investigate where the invention should be positioned in the client’s business field, estimate features effective in driving a wedge in competitors’ activities, and consider what should be described, what should not be described, and to what level a feature should be described.

We also provide advice on what types of ideas can be effective on the basis of the clients’ business policies and development trends.